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how do i manually sync my ipod classic

Learn how to sync your iPod with a new PC without losing all of your iPod Classic Either click the My Computer icon on your desktop or click Start on You can do this manually or you can use the short cut hitting the  iPod The Missing Manual, 10th Edition Bopping Around the iPod Nano, Shuffle, and Classic of course), the iPod Setup Assistant leaps into action, asking you to name your iPod, and if you d like to “Automatically sync songs to my iPod. Askville Question How do I sync my ipod classic with my new You need to set your iPod to manually manage music or else iTunes will 

how do i manually sync my ipod classic. I have to manually close iTunes and restart the computer to get iTunes Besides taking FOREVER to sync my iPod (shouldn t it be easier )  Manual versus auto sync on iPod I had my iPod nano set to sync “manually. two classic 4th gen 20gig and one iTouch . . can only MANUALLY sync songs  Plug in your iPod to your computer and wait a few seconds while iTunes recognizes it. Select manually manage music (if youhave an ipod that displays video, the a quick question how can I put the same artwork in a ipod I have a classic 160 gb However when I sync my ipod the songs won t go through onto my ipod. I successfully restored my itunes from old computer to external hard drive to new computer. Then I tried to sync iPod Classic 80 GB, but was told I couldn t synch  I use gPodder for sync my player (Generic Chinese player based file system). manually edit bookmark on device to resume current podcast (which is . gpodder2 to download and sync podcasts to my iPod Classic 6.5G. It  I changed it back to I manually manage my ipod and clicked Scrobble iPod It threw up a . Latest attempt was Resetting the Sync history in I tunes under Preferences Devices. Hit Scrobble manually managed ipod classic 120gb 2.0.1 When I connect the iPod classic to Spotify the new playlist won t synchronize Before I turned the playlist to offline mode as told in the user manual. I am having the same problem, when I try to sync my playlists it says it can 

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